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Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir  Police Choir Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir

23 January 2022

   The original workplace choir!

The choir resumed live rehearsals at the start of September and what a joy it has been to hear those harmonies again.

Choristers have had the opportunity to record themselves at

home singing a number of songs. Those recordings were then mixed together with the piano backing to form

completed virtual recordings, complete with suitable videos.

Here are clips from 3 of those home recording mixes so you can see that we have continued to enjoy our love of singing.

Click to hear parts of what we achieved.

   1. Speed Your Journey 

    2. Bridge Over Troubled Water  

    3. They Call The Wind Maria

Come and join us! Click here to see video.

Note: Now taking bookings for late 2022!

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