Avon and Somerset Police Choir

Event Program, For Christmas concert at St John's Church, Keynsham - Sat, 16 Dec 2023

Event Start time: 7:00pm
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:00pmOverture 5 Bold Brass Christmas Overture
7:05pmPerform songWhat would I do without my music (176)3  
7:08pmPerform songHallelujah (Christmas version) (90)5  
7:13pmPerform songThe Rose (3)4  
7:17pmPerform songSussex Carol (80)2  
7:19pmRun through set 15 Bold Brass perform a selection
7:34pmSolo Performance 5 Janet Griffiths
7:39pmPerform songO Holy Night4  
7:43pmPerform songMy Lord what a Mornin' (124)3  
7:46pmPerform songSpeed your journey (24)4  
7:50pmPerform songHolly and the Ivy (195)3  
7:53pmIntermission 30  
8:23pmJoin the Choir in Festive CheerHark the Herald Angels Sing3 Bold Brass, Choir and Audience Sing-Along
8:26pmRun through set 10 Bold Brass perform a selection
8:36pmPerform songJoy to the World (260)3  
8:39pmPerform songBring him home (6)3  
8:42pmPerform songWhen the Saints go marching in (11)3  
8:45pmPerform songGabriel's Trumpet (57)3  
8:48pmSolo Performance 5 Janet Griffiths
8:53pmRun through set 10 Bold Brass perform a selection
9:03pmPerform songWith a Voice of Singing (32)3  
9:06pmPerform songSilent Night2  
9:08pmPerform songCasatschok (183)4  
9:12pmPerform songHave yourself a merry little Christmas (256)3  
9:15pmJoin the Choir in Festive CheerO Come, All Ye Faithful4 Bold Brass, Choir and Audience Sing-Along
Program Duration: 139 minutes; Finish time: 9:19pm