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23 July 2017

The original workplace choir!

On Saturday 24th June 2017, the choir visited Minehead for our last concert before the summer break. We had been invited by Martyn Snell, an ex-member of the choir who now lives down there. It was a very enjoyable event, introducing yet another of our newly learned songs in preparation for the October Wells Cathedral concert. One lady member of the audience said "It is a real joy. If you came again next week and sang the same songs, I would not be disappointed!"

Marysia Gorska directed our music in her usual animated style bringing admiring comments from the audience during the interval. Accompanist Alison Howell played equally well on the piano and on the organ. Our soloists entertained both audience and fellow choir members alike with their song choices. Marysia has always encouraged members of the choir to take part in solo or small group singing and has developed chances for them to use these opportunities during concerts. They have all benefited from the chance and have gained experience and confidence.

As always at the end of our season, we like to thank our 'groupies' who support our singing at concerts. We hope they have enjoyed the choice of songs this year. We look forward to the new season starting in September.

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