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21 October 2019

The original workplace choir!

We gave a concert at the Methodist Church in Portishead on Saturday 19th October. Happily, the organisers sold all seats for the concert and thus maximised the funds being raised to aid the Marie Curie charity. Jo Scullin led us as M.D. with a reminder to keep smiling which is not so easy when you are trying hard to remember words, tunes and where to come in.

Derek Harvey and Sam Swaby made their debut tonight, singing 2 melodic duets with a Caribbean swing. They did well and you could see them relaxing into it as they sang through the songs. Peter Jones completed the line up of soloists and he brought smiles to everyone with his superb version of The Laughing Policeman. Peter also carried out the task of compere for the evening and carried that out with his usual smothering of humour.

Sheila Rice accompanied us through the concert and several people, who attend our concerts regularly, indicated that we sounded really good during the programme. One member of the audience made mention of our singing of Bridge Over Troubled Water and said that the mix of voices was particularly smooth. We keep trying to improve and will make the effort again in a few weeks time when we will sing at a concert in Minehead. See you there?

Come and join us! Click here to see video.

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