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25 June 2018

The original workplace choir!

Think back to your time at school - remember the feeling that you had when, after weeks of rehearsals, the play or the concert had just finished and you had the excitement of its success still within you. That how it felt tonight when the concert at St. Martin's in Knowle was over. The sound that we made was really good and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I talked to one member of the audience as he left the concert. His name is Derek Hawketts and he said "It was a wonderful concert with a good variety of songs. It was a very enjoyable evening." So - it seems that you might well be able to please most of the people for most of the time.

I must praise our professionals for the efforts they make to get us old codgers to reach such a good standard. Marysia keeps on at us (and it seems to be working) and both Alison and Sheila showed us yet again tonight, by playing some fast moving piano duets, that we are surrounded by musical talent.

Pete Jones gave us his usual quality fayre in the form of two solo songs. Matthew Howell with George Shemwell added their moving duet of "Worlds Apart".

Just the Sherborne Abbey concert (with Dorset Police MVC) to go now before we all enjoy a well deserved break over the summer!

Come and join us!!!

Note: Now taking bookings for 2019! Don't miss out!

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