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24 July 2016

The original workplace choir!

On Saturday 25th June, we sang at St. Francis' Church in Nailsea. It was our last concert of the season before our summer break and I am glad to be able to say that much of Marysia's work with us in the past few months came together to produce a concert to be proud of. Just about every aspect was better; diction, feeling, breathing and oh yes, the sound.

The soloists, who have given many good performances throughout this last year, added to the evening with even more of their singing prowess. John Gray was superlative with his choice of Gilbert and Sullivan and I have to mention Eddie Morris singing "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" and Pete Jones singing "Stars" as two of the most wonderful efforts.

Alison Howell added her usual high quality accompaniment, quietly getting on with the task of helping provide support to all of the singing - no big deal to her but important to every concert.

So there we are - yet another summer break is upon us with time to stop and take it all in. It has been a busy year in which we have performed 11 concerts, provided some entertainment at Southmead hospital, entered a competition, celebrated Police Memorial Day and created our usual Christmas Concert.

As is usual at this time, the choir are very grateful for the support of family and friends and their attendance at our concerts - and for their smiles and encouragement.

Have a good rest everyone. We will be ready to begin again in September.

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