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Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir  Police Choir Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir

30 September 2016

The original workplace choir!

Police Memorial Day is one of those occasions that seems to be passed by in press and TV coverage. It has been held across the country for over 10 years on the third Sunday in September and our Constabulary have held a service in which the choir is a proud contributor. We were very happy to be part of it again this year to remember those officers who have lost their lives on duty. It is a time to remember that police officers often have to deal with dangerous situations and that some of those instances end in tragedy.

Our first full concert of the season is at Taunton on Saturday October 1st. Click on the OUR NEXT CONCERT link below to see the details.

If you have attended our concerts in the past and have thought of joining the choir, now is a very good time to do just that. Write to us at the email shown below and you can have all of the details.

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